Himesh Reshammiya’s Radio changed my life

Not Himesh Reshammiya’s radio itself, as I haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to it. But the movie Radio, where the peerless Mr. Reshammiya does yet another star turn.

Because Himesh is all modern and shit, he (or some dogsbody on the production unit) has set a facebook page up to allow us to worship and shower praise on that most nasal of Gods.


Because Himesh is all democratic and shit, he (or some dogsbody on the production unit) asked us acolytes to tell him what we thought of the movie.

And I jumped to the task, and have drafted a wee review:

Dear Mr. Reshamaiyya, your movie opened my eyes. My life has changed thanks to this masterpiece of yours.I wish you had made this movie in 1938; it’s beautiful message would have made Hitler repent, and we wouldn’t have had to suffer World War II.
So, do you, dear reader (if there are any readers at all, dear or otherwise), think I should mention that I haven’t watched the movie?


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